The Three Layers of the Earth
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The Three Layers of the Earth

From the outside, the first layer is the crust. This is the part where people live. It has some high parts and the other parts are low, such as those parts in the oceans

Earth is the planet where we live. Did you ask yourself what makes the earth? Earth is composed of three parts called layers. These layers are the crust, the Mantle and the Core. From the outside, the first layer is the crust. This is the part where people live. It has some high parts and the other parts are low, such as those parts in the oceans.

The crust is about one-third land and the other three-fourth was occupied by water. It is composed of different land formations such as mountains. The highest of all its mountains is Mt. Everest , having a height of 8848 meters. The oceans and other water-forms such as lakes coves three-fourth of its lowlands. The deepest of this is the Marianas Trench which has a deep of 10910 meters.

Crust is categorized in two types; the land or the continental crust, and the water part or the oceanic part. The first part is composed of metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks. The second part is composed of sediments on its top layer and under it are dark-colored igneous rocks of gabbros and basalt.

The crust has two portions; the upper and the lower. In the upper part, the ground is made up from granite rocks which were formed magma, containing oxygen and silicon. In the lower part the ground is made up of basalt. Basalt was formed from magma that is rich in iron, silicon and magnesium.

After the crust layer is the Mantle layer. The mantle layer is composed of two parts the upper and the lower. The upper part is solid rock while the lower part is made up from hot melted rocks. Due to the extreme heat and pressure these rocks may even flow very slowly because it is very elastic. The thickness of the mantle is about 2,900 kilometers.

The last layer is the Core which is about 4960 kilometers in thickness. It is compose of mostly iron and lesser amount of nickel and silicon. The materials are very dense and compact. The core has inner and outer core. It is solid in the inner core while the outer core is liquid with a very hot and high pressure.

What we see in our surroundings is that the earth is composed of rocks and soils. This is true but there are still things under that made up our planet.

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