The Incredible Cave of Giant Crystals
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The Incredible Cave of Giant Crystals

The crystal cave of Naica in Mexico had been, so far, the only crystal cave in the world with gigantic crystals that seems to grow everywhere and defy gravity.

On the Mexican state of Chihuahua, we can find a mine that is known for its extraordinary selenite crystals. These crystals are one of the four varieties of gypsum, a very soft and translucent mineral that can be easily scratched with a fingernail. It also has natural insulating properties that feel warm to the touch.

The Selenite or gypsum crystal was named after the Greek goddess of the moon. It was because the crystal reflects a soft white light. This crystal was said to have many metaphysical and healing benefits. It was also used cosmetically for thousands of years to enhance one's natural beauty.

In the mine of Naica which is a lead, zinc and silver mine, are incredible selenite crystals that measures 4ft. in diameter, and 36 ft. long and they are the largest natural crystals ever found. This chamber or cave of giant crystals is approximately 1,000 feet (300 m) down in the limestone host rock of the mine. The selenite crystals were formed by hydrothermal fluids coming from the magma chambers below. The cave was discovered by accident when miners were drilling through the Naica fault, which they were worried would flood the mine.

The Crystal cave is unlike any other caves and mine where the temperature remains constant and cool. On this cave, since it lies above an intrusion of magma, it gets hotter with depth. It’s hot enough for someone to experience heatstroke. It's about 50C in there, but with 100% humidity, that makes it a potential killer.

The mystery behind its incredible growth was found by examining the bubbles of liquid trapped inside the crystals, and the conditions inside the cave, which remained unchanged for millions of years,

According to the study made in 2001 by Juan Manuel García-Ruiz, a Spanish crystallographer, for hundreds of thousands of years, ground water saturated with calcium sulfate filtered through the many caves at Naica. It was warmed by heat from the magma below. As the magma cooled, water temperature inside the cave eventually stabilized at about 136°F. At this temperature minerals in the water began converting to selenite molecules of which were laid down like tiny bricks to form crystals.

Geologists say that there is a magma chamber two to three miles below the mountain and the heat from this compressed lava travels through the faults up into the area of the mine. The heated fluids form the crystals. The fluids travel along the Naica fault, enter voids in the bedrock, and then form entirely natural structures that are not easily explained by science.

The crystal cave of Naica in Mexico had been, so far, the only crystal cave in the world with gigantic crystals that seems to grow everywhere and defy gravity, but there are certainly lots more crystal caves waiting to be discovered.


***All images used are from Google Images

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Comments (20)

What a fascinating world. It seems I am always learning something new with your so well crafted articles. Thank you my dear friend.

leverton Lisa

Cool... I want some for the healing!! I thought you had been down there but then I read the images with from google!! great write, I enjoyed

Great article. Love the pictures.

Magical-looking place! After your description, though, I can understand why it's best explored through photos. As I can only repeat from all the previous comments, thank you for a great article.

Interesting to read your article. Great info and also beautiful pictures.

Wow! That was extraordinary. Another place to visit someday. Thanks.

One cool looking place!

Magnificent. So amazing

Dorothy Duncan

Interesting article and magnificent photos.

Very well presented, what a sight. Now I knew where Superman's space capsule actually landed.

Good choice of topic and great images!

Absolutely amazing views of an incredible subterranean world. These caverns look like sublime natural architecture.

Crystals carry memory. Is it possible this cave carries the memory of the Earth's connection with the Universe? If it does, I wonder what is being communicated to the Planet Earth, which our world resides on, right now.

Nice treat about crystals buried deep in the earth. I've seen this featured somewhere before but you gave more details. Keep it up Alma. I noticed you did enjoy writing.

A natural thing of beauty.

How awesome!

That's amazing!


Brilliant! I had heard of this before, but you really brought it to life before my eyes. Apparently, because of the heat and humidity, people are only allowed in the cave for about an hour!

Voted up. Wonderful