Super Moon Phenomenon Tsunami Feared
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Super Moon Phenomenon Tsunami Feared

The rare phenomenon of super moon shall be witnessed on March 19, 2011. People lining in coastal areas fear natural disasters like Tsunami escalated by the unusual high tides

There are eight planets that make up the solar system viz. Mercury, Earth, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Pluto is now considered as the dwarf planet. So, all these eight planets revolve around the sun. Each of these planets has its own satellite. Moon, therefore, is a natural satellite of our planet Earth of which we are the inhabitants. Moon is located at a distance from the Earth. However, this distance may vary with time, it may increase over a certain period of years or may decrease over a certain period. In the light of these facts, one may say that there comes eventually a time when Moon is located at the nearest possible distance from the Earth. This is called the phenomenon of super moon. Officially, astronomical calculations render this distance to be about 221,567 miles of the moon from the Earth.

Earlier, the sightings of super moon were recorded in 1955, 1974, 2005 and now on March 19, 2011. Scientists have predicted disturbances, especially unusual high tides in coastal areas. The residents of seashore areas are fearing the onset of tsunami linked to the celestial event of super moon. Weathermen the world over have been evaluating the probability of occurence of other natural disasters like a raging earthquake or violent sprouting of volcanic lava. To our relief, it has been good news that this probability is almost nil.

Concerns over the association of the advent of super moon with natural disasters have been raised because whenever this phenomenon had occured earlier, widespread meteorological and weather disturbances have been detected. However, it may also pass peacefully and we may be actually able to enjoy the celestial spectacle of the super moon in the clear night sky.The most nearby date on which the celestial event of super moon can be witnessed is nineteenth of March.

All the romatic poets have pulled up their sleeves to write the most romantic of verses that shall be graced by the night magic which shall be a pure, serene and a soul filling moment. It is not surprising to find the reasons why the creative persons all over the world, irrespective of their caste, creed and state find beautiful gems of poetry to compose watching the white soft facet of the moon. The face of the beautiful beloved is compared to that of the angelic moon. While debating scientifically, we have forgotten our inner creative self that is ready to be inspired and evoked with a magical scene like that of the super moon.

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