Spectacular Natural Arches and Bridges Where You Can Pass Through
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Spectacular Natural Arches and Bridges Where You Can Pass Through

A list of spectacular natural bridges and arches.

Grab a lifejacket, take a boat, let’s navigate the world and we’ll all pass through the Earth’s most wonderful rocks with hole. If you’re a good swimmer, you can also swim through these awesome rock formations.

Let’s begin our journey in the Southern Hemisphere…

Hole in the Rock – New Zealand

Image Source

A boat can sail right through this wonderful rock formation called “Hole in the Rock”. This rock with a hole is located in Piercy Island in Bay of Islands in the beautiful country of New Zealand.

La Portada – Chile

Image Source

La Portada is a beautiful natural arch located on the coast of Chile. The name is Spanish which means "The Gateway". This rock formation, where you can actually pass through it by swimming or boating, is part of the La Portada Natural Monument that covers an area of 31.27 hectares. This natural arch is 43 meters high, 23 meters wide and 70 meters long.

London Arch – Australia

Image Source

Well, this is not in London, UK. London Arch is in Australia. This natural arch is in Port Campbell National Park and is one of the tourist attractions along the Great Ocean Road. It was named London Arch for its resemblance to the London Bridge. The larger arch collapsed a few yew years ago.

From Southern Hemisphere, now let’s go up to the North American continent…

Natural Bridge – California, USA

Image Source

How about surfing through this spectacular natural bridge in Natural Bridges State Beach? This mudstone natural bridge which was carved by the Pacific Ocean is located in California State Park in Santa Cruz, California, USA. The area is also famous as a hot spot to witness monarch butterfly migration. There were actually 3 natural bridges in the park, the two others collapsed in the last century.

Ayres Natural Bridge – Wyoming, USA

Image Source

The beautiful Ayres Natural Bridge which is located in Ayres Natural Bridge Park in Converse County, Wyoming, USA was formed through geological process. This rock formation is 10 meters high and 15 meters wide. This natural bridge of solid rock is considered one of Wyoming's primary tourist attractions.

Arch Creek – Florida, USA

Image Source

Arch Creek is a natural limestone bridge located in North Miami, Florida. It was also the name of an early settlement by Tequesta Indians. This impressive natural bridge spans 12 meters across the creek and is part of the Arch Creek Memorial Park.

Pierced Rock – Quebec, Canada

Image Source

The magnificent Percé Rock or Pierced Rock in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Quebec is one of the world’s largest and most impressive natural arches. This gigantic limestone stack is 433 meters in length and 90 meters in width. At its highest point, it’s 88 meters high. This spectacular rock island gets its name from a large 15 meter high arch near its seaward end.

Now let us move to Europe…

Inland Sea Natural Arch – Malta

Image Source

The Inland Sea is a lagoon of sea water located on the island of Gozo in Malta. It is linked to the Mediterranean Sea through an opening formed by a narrow natural arch. Fishing boats called Luzzijiet can pass through the tunnel and can be used to take a tour of the nearby cliffs and other sites.

Azure Window – Malta

Image Source

Not so far away from Island Sea Natural Arch is the much bigger Azure Window, a natural arch located in the Gozo, Malta. Azure Window features a table-like rock over the sea. You can swim through it during high tides and you can also take a walk through it during low tides.

Vat of Kirbister – Scotland, UK

Image Source

This astonishing natural arch called Vat of Kirbister is located in Stronsay, an island in Orkney, Scotland. Seabirds, like Arctic Tern, on the island also provide beautiful sight on the island.

Durdle Door – England, UK

Image Source

One of the world’s most impressive natural arches is the Durdle Door. This natural limestone arch is located on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England. It is privately owned by the Welds, a family who own 50 km2 in Dorset. Although it is privately owned, it is open to the public.

Pont d’Arc – France

Image Source

The Pont d'Arc is a great natural bridge in Ardeche, France. This stunning rock formation carved by the Ardeche River has a width of 60 meters and a height of 45 meters. This popular tourist spot is well-known for canoeing and kayaking. Pont is the French of bridge.

Etrerat – France

Image Source

These geological wonders are also located in France. These beautiful rock formations are located in Etretat, a commune in the Seine-Maritime department in Normandy, in the northern part of the country.

And finally, to Asia, the world’s largest continent…

Pigeon’s Rock – Beirut, Lebanon

Image Source

These astounding rock formations are located in Beirut, Lebanon. These are natural landmarks called Pigeons’ Rock are located off the coast of Raouche, hence they are also known as the Rock of Raouché. These gigantic rocks are popular tourist destinations. The larger rock is the one with hole where you can pass through.

These rock formations were created by nature through geological processes and sooner or later they will also vanish on this world on the same natural processes.

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Comments (3)

Awesome read and the pics are fantastic! Love it :)


.... these awesome and amazing natural arches.... Mother Nature is truly fantastic !!

All wonderful and impressive rock formations, kabayan. I am situated near Durdle Door but haven't gone to see it yet.